Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Flu Season is the Reason

Had a super star guest visitor yesterday. Forrest was glued to this Hamburger Eyes photo book. Tried to give him other books to look at, but none seemed to keep his attention quite like this one. Pretty good taste for a kid almost 3.

Later on that evening, the ladies of Craft Nation came by for an official Rock n Shop meeting. Stay tuned for details because it's gonna be goodie. I can tell you that it's July 8th at 111 Minna. woot woot!

And lucky me, my evening really never came to an end. I got to spend the next 8 hours with stomach cramps, freezing, shitting and barfing my brains out (sometimes at the same time), sweating, and then repeat. Good times! Thank god for Deirdre, who today brought me 3 disks of Six Feet Under, soup, and the best company. Thanks lady, lots of love to you!

passing out now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mama,
i still have the other two for you. i hope you are feeling better today. i'm sorry we couldn't chat yesterday. thinking nice thoughts for you today.

10:23 AM  

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